Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Estimating

Lou VaughnThank You for your interest in receiving an estimate. Due to the number of estimate requests that I receive weekly, it sometimes takes a day or two for me to respond. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Cost vs. Value Report – If you are simply trying to get an idea of the cost to remodel, the Remodeling Publication is a great place to research. It’s the best non-biased and most accurate info. that I have found in regards to the cost associated with kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects in Cincinnati and other major cities. When reaching on the publication’s website, please read the description of the data. The data is recorded using one particular design for each project. See Cost vs. Value Report Here

Estimate Process- (An approximate calculation of the cost of your project by way of a design concept). How do we achieve this? Initially, we ask you to provide some general information via a few questions provided on our form submissions page.

At our initial on-site meeting, I confirm what it is your looking to do, offer suggestions and measure the space. During this meeting generally, together we develop a mental snapshot of the completed project and the logistics on how it all will be performed. The majority of the time any unanswered questions regarding small details and the overall design are answered at the upcoming product selection meeting. This meeting consists of complimentary consults in choosing products and most fine-tuning of your design is completed. If at any time during our initial on-site meeting either party feels that a hired designer is desired, we agree here to be transparent.  If we all feel no need for a designer then we agree to move forward in creating your summarized estimate.

Moving forward with your estimate, your design elements are itemized along with projected labor and material cost. At this point, your estimate is completed.

Finish Materials Selection Meeting?

This is typically the second meeting. Your showroom appointments are made for final product selections, i.e. tile, plumbing fixtures, etc. During your product selection meeting, the design is naturally fine-tuned. I then do a check-over of the design and cost for accuracy. Once the design and cost are confirmed with everyone we move forward and your project is ready for the schedule. Generally, I am ready to start when your finish materials are delivered.

More On The Estimate Process

In creating your estimate, I’m going to be thorough in my studies of what’s going to be involved. The average time spent on my visit to your home and then back to the office and then creating the itemized estimate with allowances involves a minimum of three hours. Let me elaborate a little on what my study involves. The kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects are made up as a system, consisting of several dedicated systems, i.e. plumbing, electrical, wall removals, HVAC ducting changes, etc. To get to that number your wondering about, some initial designing concepts must take place. This design work involves the vision of the mechanicals and finishes combined and configurated to develop a concept that becomes your unique design.

The purchase of a home is one of the largest investments we as homeowners make in our lives. My objective is to add additional comfort to your investment. I want you to enjoy what you see and use every day for years to come. Most importantly, I want you to be comfortable knowing that everything was done right. Oh and leave everything where is currently is regarding loose items in your bathroom. However, tell us of items that you don’t want to be factored into the projects space.

Estimate Pricing

Note: Any design fees or drawing fees that may be needed for your project are not included in the following pricing. This pricing will be mentioned on the page you follow below.

Projects Under $10,000.00 – $25.00 trip charge with an additional $25.00 for a verbal estimate or a $50.00 additional charge for an itemized estimate that shows labor and material cost along with allowances.

All Kitchen Estimates & Large Bathroom Renovation Projects – A minimal trip charge of $50.00. At this meeting, I will note the changes you want. I will create your estimate at my office and email it to you generally within 48 hours. The cost for the itemized estimate with budget/allowances is generally around $100.00. A large project is defined as one at $10,000.00 or more.

Misc. Charges That May Apply: Homes built prior to 1978 may have lead-based painted surfaces. Outside of “exclusions to the rule” defined by the EPA, any painted surfaces that may be disturbed from a proposed renovation must be tested for lead by a certified lead rule renovator. If the rule is required for compliance, then there are some particular safety guidelines in regards to the removal of lead-based painted surfaces. We do offer to perform a test for a minimal charge of $150.00. The hiring of Lou Vaughn for the test performed is strictly for the purpose of hiring us for your renovation. This testing will be done after the estimate. Please Go Here for more information pertaining to when the rule applies and compliance is required and what the rule states for exclusion.


Projects That We Don’t Perform

At this present time, I do not offer any design or installation services for the following projects.

Updating Or Remodeling For Re-sale – Most listing agents have a list of contractors for this. This is a great way to connect with that agent. I do have an alternative resource that may be able to help. You can email me for that info. if you would like.

Condo Projects – The building’s management is often the folk that helps with this.

Involving Insurance Claims