Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Estimating

Lou Vaughn

What Is A Price Estimate?- An approximate calculation of the cost of your project by way of a design concept. It’s providing you the homeowner with information but is not a commitment from either side to go ahead with a project. An agreed estimate is the number to which you the homeowner and I agree to move forward with. 

The Price Estimate Process: The kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects are made up as a system, consisting of several individual systems, i.e. cabinet layouts, tile layouts, plumbing, electrical, walls, HVAC ducting changes, etc. To get to that number your wondering about, some initial designing concepts must take place. This design work involves your vision and my vision of the mechanicals and finishes combined and configurated to your space. Yes, I can do this relatively fast.

Thank You for your interest in receiving an estimate from me. Due to the number of estimate requests that I receive, it takes a day or two for me to respond to your request for an estimate. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Note: If you are simply trying to get an idea of the cost involved to do a kitchen and or bathroom remodel, the Cost vs. Value Report publication provides the most accurate insight. When researching on the publication’s website, please read the description of the data. The data is recorded using one particular design for each project.

Moving Forward With Lou Vaughn Remodeling

Phase One: The initial on-site meeting.  This meeting is to discuss what it is your looking to have done and offer some suggestions if you would like. During this meeting generally, together we develop a mental snapshot of the layout of your new kitchen and or bath project. At this meeting, we will discuss some of the logistics on how I will perform in your home during the project. At this point in the meeting, I’m typically able to provide you with a verbal price estimate. If you decide that you want to move forward in developing an agreed to estimate/design process after some discussion of the space, we will move forward to the following phases.

Note: Prior to this initial meeting, you will receive a project folder containing some remodeling project related materials. This folder is also great for containing all of your design documents as well.

Phase Two: The materials selection process. Your projects small details and the overall design generally fall into place at the product selection meetings. These meetings are set up by you with my selected group of product and design consultants in their showrooms. Prior to your meeting with them, I will have provided them with the information regarding your space and the changes that we discussed at our initial meeting. There are four categories of selections:

  1. Tile
  2. Plumbing Fixtures
  3. Cabinets
  4. Counter Tops

Once your selections have all been made, I then do a check-over of the design and cost for accuracy. Once the design and cost are confirmed with everyone we move forward and your project is ready for the schedule. Generally, I am ready to start when your finish materials are delivered.

Moving forward with your estimate, your design elements are itemized along with projected labor and material cost. At this point, your estimate is completed.

The Materials Selection Process

This is generally the second of a few scheduled meetings that involve your product selections, i.e. tile, plumbing fixtures, etc. During your product selections meeting, the design is naturally fine-tuned. I then do a check-over of the design and cost for accuracy. Once the design and cost are confirmed with everyone we move forward and your project is ready for the schedule. Generally, I am ready to start when your finish materials are delivered.

Misc. Charges That May Apply: Homes built prior to 1978 may have lead-based painted surfaces. Outside of “exclusions to the rule” defined by the EPA, any painted surfaces that may be disturbed from a proposed renovation must be tested for lead by a certified lead rule renovator. If the rule is required for compliance, then there are some particular safety guidelines in regards to the removal of lead-based painted surfaces. We do offer to perform a test for a minimal charge of $150.00. The hiring of Lou Vaughn for the test performed is strictly for the purpose of hiring us for your renovation. This testing will be done after the estimate. Please Go Here for more information pertaining to when the rule applies and compliance is required and what the rule states for exclusion.


Please Be Advised – Projects That I Don’t Perform

At this present time, I do not offer any design or installation services for the following projects.

  1. Updating Or Remodeling For Re-sale – Most listing agents have a list of contractors for this. This is a great way to connect with that agent. I do have an alternative resource that may be able to help. You can email me for that info. if you would like.
  2. Condo Projects – The building’s management is often the folk that helps with this.
  3. Projects involving insurance claims
  4. Projects involving designers and or vendors other than those that I currently work with
  5. Projects that involve failed shower systems and that are in need of repair or full replacement.
  6. Projects that are only partial remodels.