When & Why Hire A Bathroom Designer

About Bathroom Designing

Informative & Good News! Those who will not have the time to make decisions on small particulars regarding some design elements that come up during the remodel should consider hiring an architect. My recommendation is to choose one that will provide us with a thorough layout and descriptive schedule of particulars, i.e. niche placements, grout lines locations colors, etc. Typically I work without an architect as a freestyle remodeler. This simply involves an open line of communication via text messaging between me and the deciding customer or customers. This communication during the remodel involves my sharing thoughts and ideas with verbal and photo explanations as the project proceeds. The majority of the communication is regarding fine-tuning of the tile layouts in terms of line balance.

First getting started in designing your project, we encourage you to have a look at our bathroom designs here on this website. Without question, Houzz.com is a great site for bathroom ideas! On the Houzz platform, you can develop your personal online book of projects displayed that others have completed. each photo in your book is accompanied by your specific title & description notes as your notes. You can also do a Google Images Search for bathroom related keywords!  There are endless bathroom design ideas here on the web.

Pre Bathroom Remodeling Planning

Here are the approaches to getting started with the design process:

  1. Without An Outsourced Designer: This is a freestyle approach to completing your bathroom design and remodel. The design is completed by my group of referred design specialist that I work with on a continued basis. What I have found that works really great is to have some key features that you really like. As an idea, save photos here from this site and or Houzz.com. On the Houzz platform, you can create a book of images that can be custom titled and described by you. When you have completed your project book, then make an appointment with me. I can meet with you at your home and discuss the ideas! At this meeting, I look at the space and answer any questions! I will offer to pair you up with his suggested blend of outsourced professionals, meeting them in the tile and plumbing showrooms.  These product specialists will define the different products property characteristics and they are more than happy to give you an input of suggestions & confirmations pertaining to design & product choices involved. This has been our bathroom remodeling approach that has made our clients very happy with the result of the savings and an awesome bathroom that fits your needs and accommodates your desires!
  2. Using An Outsourced Designer: Sometimes folks have had past or have heard of past experiences that when trying to design without a designer is simply to overwhelming.