Bathroom Tile Selection Tips

The number of different tiles to choose from today are endless! I strongly recommend prior to going to either, The Tile Shop, Florida Tile or any of the other major tile suppliers, to make an appointment with someone on the showroom floor. More often than not, the feedback is not as pleasant as I would expect for my clients when they have just simply visited as a walk in. The sales assistants are most of the time to busy with others that have appointments.


Tile Selecting Tips 

  • Porcelain for it strength and durability. No ceramic on a floor. It’s ok for walls.
  • 12×24 tiles are used very often in our designs. If staggered joints, aka brick jointed or subway stacked, is your desired look, please be sure to consult with your salesperson that the tile you purchase is straight…I’m seeing much of the porcelain in particular with an arch to them. This causes uneven tiles, the ends are low and the middles are high.

Tile Baseboard – I personally think tiled baseboards are simply the best option particularly when the doors are cased with the typical 2 1/4 inch casing. Here below is the look. The tile that you select for the floor can be cut to any height and a edge bullnosed as shown in this image. We outsource to a local company the rolled over edging that creates the traditional bullnose appearance. Stone edges tend to come out more natural in color to the tile than some of the porcelain.

For a modern look, we can cap the top edge with a metal finish offered in Satin Nickel, Oiled Bronze. Black, Chrome, etc.

Florida Tile Design Ideas Here!

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