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Upstairs Bathroom Remodeling | Cincinnati, OH

Upstairs Bathroom Remodeling | Cincinnati, OH

We Finally Decided To Remodel The Upstairs Bathroom!

We here this more often today. With the home shows and home improvement retail stores, there is so much beautiful bathroom products to choose from! There is enough to choose from on the market to combine and accommodate everyone’s design feel. Due to this, we really enjoy the bathroom remodeling projects simply because it is really painless to please couples and their family! Some of the types of products involved are, marble tile, vessel bowel sinks and new and faucets designs. These designs consist of profile curves and lines that has the chrome finish the number one choice in finish today!


Can We Tile Over The Existing Tile?

The answer to that question is yes, most of the time! The only time we don’t recommend in doing so is when we see that it would not hold up as a lifetime lasting investment! If we find the condition of the existing is suitable, with some prep to the existing tile and special blend thinset designed for this application, it can be done! When this option is being considered, the question is now what to do about the transition from the higher floor than the hallway? Here we show one of our wood thresholds custom tailored and developed onsite. This is just one option, but its the most popular due to its gradual feel and appearance!



Small Kitchen Remodeling | Cincinnati, OH

Small Kitchen Remodeling | Cincinnati, OH

Project Objection: Open concept & good quality constructed cabinetry, and completed  according to the budget!

Project Description:

  • ELECTRICAL6 dedicated electrical circuits to upgrade to current electrical appliance standards.
  • PLUMBING – Upgraded to accommodate dishwasher & disposal into the design.
  • BEARING WALLA bearing beam was positioned to replace a bearing wall that divided the dinning room and the kitchen. Typical for an old Cape Code Home!
  • FLOORING – Achieve a smooth transition, “created one elevation”, from new kitchen tiled flooring to the existing rooms hardwood flooring. Old flooring was removed all the way to exposing oak floor joist. Floor joist where shimmed due to inconsistent elevations from one to another.
  • SOFFIT REMOVAL – Removed soffit to accommodate 42 inch tall cabinets.

Project Designing by:

Homeowners, The Home Depot, The Tile Shop & Lou Vaughn

Project Installations: Lou Vaughn





Outdoor Entertainment Furniture

Outdoor Entertainment Furniture

In Cincinnati, one of the most sought after projects are backyard upgrades that offer your family, friends & clients awesome entertainment settings! Here in Cincinnati, we have had a pleasantly mild summer, and this has enabled most to get out and enjoy their backyard entertainment areas! We are seeing designs that involve stone fireplaces, bars, media centers barbecues surrounded with hardscapes and landscapes that make of a tranquil setting!

For that rustic look, new ideas are developing of cedar furniture such as what we have designed here! Sealed with an marine epoxy and under the cover, these pieces offer many years of enjoyment, when cared for! The stacked stone really sets it all off!

Lou Vaughn’s Custom Made Outdoor Furniture. Designed by Rita B. & Lou Vaughn!

Custom Cedar Furniture

Custom Cedar Furniture

Bathroom Designing Tips | Cincinnati, OH

Bathroom Designing Tips | Cincinnati, OH

Our Bathroom designing tips can help your planning & remodeling project turn out just the way you want it! Thank You for stopping by and we look to do our best to help our customers with this process!

Though your bathroom space maybe similar to others, the little differences can open for different design ideas! We will add more tips as time allows! Thank You and please sign up to our blog to receive email notifications of when our New Bathroom Remodeling are here submitted! Enjoy!

  • We are removing of bathtubs today for the accommodation of a very comfortable shower size! This opens the width up to be around 60″. The standard size and comfortable depth is a minimal of  36″ from back wall to the shower door and glass! Often this involves moving a toilet a little away from the shower to accommodate the minimal of 36″
  • When working with design space for your toilet placement, the center measurement of the toilet to bathtub, vanity or wall must be at least 15 inches! Total space is a minimal of 30 inches!

Shower Design Considerations To Consider

  • Shampoo & soap niches should be as far away from the shower head as possible. When the design dynamics dictate the location being near the shower head area, keep the niche as high as possible! This approach is to keep your soaps fresh!

Composite & Wood Decking Recommendations!

Composite & Wood Decking Recommendations!

Lou Vaughn’s choice of decking materials are as follows:

  1. AZEK Composite Decking – Durability to weather fading and molds is outstanding! The color “Brownstone” has less heat retention verses other composite decks, enabling one to walk barefooted in the heat of the day! Installed first AZEK deck in 2010 and homeowner says it still looks like new! Decking has been used exclusively by a local custom builder for over 10 years and has outstanding feedback for all his clients! Deck needs no sealers!
  2. Veranda Composite Decking – Great product for your money! Holds up excellent against mold
  3. Timber Tech – Holds up well and offers very attractive handrail options. Somewhat expensive!
  4. Pressure Treated Decking – Very cost effective upfront but alot of time to keep it up with the composites as far as decay and appearance! Cracking in the decking is inevitable!
  5. IPE Decking – An exotic hardwood. Used alot in public parks and boardwalks! Untreated material turns to a grey color without much splintering if any! Somewhat expensive.

 Decking That Don’t Last


Bad Composite Decking

I was called to look at this deck that had been installed by a local deck contractor. The decking was only 2 years old and it looked like this everywhere! I don’t think this manufacture is still in business, so the owner was stuck with the replacement cost.

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