The average cost involved to remodel a kitchen in Cincinnati is $65’000.00. This info. is from a non-bias resource and my experience.

Important Read: I only take on kitchen remodeling projects that will involve my outsourced designers and vendors only. Please do not request a meeting unless Option 1 or 2 below here below is how you would like to proceed.

Option 1: If you are interested in having me in just as a consultant to get started with the kitchen remodeling process, or to confirm a design that you already have, I do offer this service for a fee of $500.00 payable to me the day of the consult. At present, I’m only available Saturdays for this meeting. The meeting will take place in your home, discussing the possibilities as to what can be done and my directing you as to how best to move forward.

Option 2: Working with my full kitchen remodeling services: My design and estimate fee will be a minimal of $750.00. This fee covers the following:

  1. The initial consult time
  2. My measuring of your existing space
  3. My evaluating your home and new design for any electrical and plumbing updates and or changes that may be needed.
  4. My evaluating what existing elements of the space that you may want to be removed, i.e. soffits, wall, etc.
  5. An open line of communication with you during the design phase and all during your remodel.
  6. Collaboration with my outsourced kitchen designer. Submission of the dimensions of your existing space and design ideas to them.
  7. Confirmation of the existing spaces dimensions and the new designs dimensions.
  8. 2020 perspectives created by my outsourced cabinet vendor


Thanks, Again & Cheers!

Lou Vaughn

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