FYI – I’m not aware of any kitchen designer that will confirm a wall in question, load bearing or not. They typically ask for a contractor or an architect to confirm. A hired kitchen designer typically will be certified as a CKD. Some of the studies involved in earning the certification are on every element of the commercial & residential construction processes. One with a CKD generally design best with a particular cabinet manufacture or two. They are trained to help best organize for even the chef of the house! There are some that work independently and some that work for cabinet manufactures and even the big box stores. Some vereses others are most interested in selling cabinets for the profit. Some vereses others are out to sell a great design. Either of the two have pros & cons. We have found that the one that’s driven to offer great designs, tend to work with Lou more efficiently.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen even the cream of the crop kitchen designers make mistakes. The most common one is not designing with comfortable walk through movements and or seating accommodations. Many homeowners have design ideas that they have always wanted and some designers will draw to accommodate without the footprint space to even comply to local code. FYI – The minimal distance from any cabinet to wall should be at least 36″. From any island to cabinet run should be at least 36″. However, I encourage everyone to design with a 42″ minimal distance.


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