Remodel Dust Management Care: During the demo of the old, every swing of the hammer and every time an electric tool is turned on, dust is being created. There are several different types of materials being removed. These different materials send airborne dust particles from drywall, concrete, tile, wood, etc. into all areas of the home. With our dust management system, up to 90 percent of the dust is filtered through equipment made specifically for this work.

Demolition Services Outlined

  • Non-Bearing Wall Removals
  • Load-Bearing Wall Removals
  • Tile Removal
  • Mechanical Demolition …electrical and plumbing disconnects and removals
  • Dust Control …air scrubbed with Build Clean & other dust removal equipment used.
  • Debris Removal

With our ongoing studies in the remodeling industry, the number one complaint a homeowner has during a remodel is the dust that is produced. Here is one of our key tools for the dust control in your home. The Build Clean Control Dust Control System is an air scrubber with a Hepa Air filter. Click Here for a look at the manufactures info.

One great attribute to having Lou Vaughn Remodeling in for your project is that he cleans up as he demos & remodels. Most contractors use subcontractors that at best leave bags of debris onsite for the general contractor to pick up at the end of the week. Lou Vaughn vacuums often throughout the day and hauls away bags of debris at the end of every day.

Here we share another one of our dust exhaust tools that is amazing! We take up space with our dust removal production, however, remodel dust is not a complaint that we here of!