When To Replace Your Washer Hoses

The purpose of this label is to help in the prevention of water damage to your home as a result a hose failure. One major causes is “Water Shock”! This happens due to stretching of the hose caused by the events! Water shock is defined as: when the water flow is abruptly stopped when the water level has been reached inside the drum of the washer. The hose acts as a rubber band and over time it is weakened at the ends of them and this is typically where the breech takes place. In our studies, we have found that it is beneficial to replace your hoses once every 5 years. FYI: There are devices that we can install that can detect a leak in the room and will turn the water flow off to these hoses in such an event. For more information, please contact us.

Preventive Washing Machine Leak Maintenance!


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