Lou-Thumbnail-2Build Build Build was the motto back in 1996 and I did! I had hired and lead a crew framing & installing the interior trim in custom and production homes for several years. The experience gave birth to the idea of becoming a part of the remodeling industry to. 2001 was the year I started knocking on doors to bring to the public my home building skills! Today we are still remodeling homes one at a time! I would love the opportunity to remodel or go back to the hammer to the nail on your new home!


The Architectual Feature Rearly Seen, "The Terret"

Lou installing a 5 piece Crown Moulding Design

An Awesome Great Room Window & Fireplace Config.

Home Frammed 1998 | Cincinnati, OH

Home Rough Framed In 1999 | Cincinnati, OH

The Good Ole Days!