Client – Mitchell

Mitchell Girls Bath (Revised)

Glass Subway Tile Info. & Cost Click Here – Roughly 480 pieces needed for 3 shower walls

Shower Floor Tile Info. & Cost Click Here – Roughly 16 sq. ft. needed

This image shows both the one tile you like and the floor here priced.


Shower Shelf Caddy Idea – The shelves adjust to any height. I’m not sure where she got it…possibly online.

Shower Door Idea Click Here

This top is: ColorQuartz – Venatino. I figured it for the shower curb cap. Same material could be used later for the vanity top.

All this as a curbed shower, “excluding the caddy”, cost total around 10k. This includes me moving the existing shower handle up some .

End Of Revised

Mitchell Girls Bath (Initial Bid)

With the frameless glass preference, I’m recommending the shower door to be on the left side due to: 1. Pocket door in the way of shower controls and niche placement. Note: The typ. shower head can be positioned over the pocket door.

  • We need at least 4″ more on the depth of the shower for the comfort room inside the shower. So the pocket door will need to be moved towards the vanity. The plans show that we have room. I will need to confirm.
  • PRODUCT NOTES: 1. Some stone tiles are offered as honed or polished. Polished is great. Honed can be treated with an Enhancer/Sealer. If and when your looking at a stone material and it’s a honed, have the salesperson wet a sample of the material…this will give you an idea of what the stone will look like after the enhancer/sealer has been applied. Also, please purchase a grout that has the sealer in it. Power Grout by Tek is great.
  • OTHER NOTES: The interior of the soffit area will be tiled…including the ceiling.
  • The demo cost and the install cost for all new: Shower, 12x 24 floor tile, wall tile throughout 42″ tall give or take an inch or two with a 3×5 subway tile. You will provide all the finish materials and I will provide all the labor and materials to install your finishes you provide. Nothing with the vanity here figured. Shower glass by others estimated at $ 1.5k. Your provided materials estimated at $3-4k. Lou cost estimated at $16k

Looking into the shower, this niche and the shower head, rain head and handheld on/off functions would be on the wall on drawing marked as A Side. One on/off valve is the typ. shower head. 2nd is handheld with the 3rd, “the smaller valve” for the rainhead option. The picture frame is called out as, “pencil”. Not all tile on the market offers this companion. There are other alternatives. Discuss with vendor sales person.

Another With Soap Shelf Niche Example. It can be flipped so the soaps are on top.

C Side 

The angled shower leg shaving shelf/shower seat. Would be of the same material as the top of the curb and future vanity top. If you go with a quartz material, you would be able to later change the vanity top out and it would match. Please confirm with material vendor. The 2×2 shower floor tile is a good size tile to go with.

Exhaust Fans Involved

I’m recommending these two due to: 1. The fan/light combo 80 cfm does not move all of moister out. This is good because if you move to much out at a fast rate, the showers one takes are breezy cold. 2. The stand alone fan for outside of the shower will clear out remaining steam after a shower. This is nice because it helps to prevent mold build up and provides clean/fresh air.

Positioned in the shower. Click on image for info.



Positioned outside of shower. Click on image for info.


3×5 subway tile. Tiled ceiling

Lou Vaughn Bathroom Remodeling

Hall Bath Remodel

Mirror wrap with 1×1 tiles. These tiles can be used in the shower as: 1. An accent line. 2. The back wall of the niche. 2. To picture frame and accent medallion like piece. This image shows an older top style…I would not have the backsplash of the top to be involved. The backsplash would be all tile.



This shows an 8″ x 16″ tile and maybe an inside the shower option for you. Handheld is on and adjustable bar.


Handheld is on a fixed hanger.

Drain Design

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