Where Typically The Bathroom Design Begins, The Tub and or Shower Space! In regards to today’s shower designs, the days of pulling a curtain back are almost extinct. 9 of 10 of the bathrooms we remodel either have a glass door or sliding shower doors. Even some of our tub designs have involved a fixed glass panel and a glass door that pivots from a wall. Many customers, simply do not want the track on the tub associated to the sliding door systems. This fixed panel/pivoted door system system we only install on a porcelain tub. Additional structure framing is involved to accommodate the additional weight.

Here now we go into some design configurations of tile design and the showers overall functionality.

The first thing that needs to be determined when designing your shower space, is where it will go. However, an idea of what you want it to look like, may or may not work in the space you were wishing for, this is typically where the shower and or tub is currently. Keep in mind that existing plumbing can often be moved around quite a bit, but these moves can really drive the cost up.

No Sliding Shower Doors – So as a result of the stationary/fixed glass panel here, the water controls should be placed on the entrance side of the shower. This keeps you from being blasted with that initial cold water. So here we provided 3 handles. One for the fixed shower head, one for the handheld and the small one is for the tub filler spout. Keep in mind when planning your shower design, that no water supply lines can be placed in an exterior wall.

Design Elements That Make A Difference

Ugly Drain Covers – As you can see, this first one is not a good option. Primarily due to the fact the white plastic is highlighting the dirt clinging to it. This one is what many contractors use due to its ease of availability. It’s at any local hardware store. The second image here is our preferred/suggested look that comes in several finishes. It’s finding is not at any local hardware.