We Finally Decided To Remodel The Upstairs Bathroom!

We here this more often today. With the home shows and home improvement retail stores, there is so much beautiful bathroom products to choose from! There is enough to choose from on the market to combine and accommodate everyone’s design feel. Due to this, we really enjoy the bathroom remodeling projects simply because it is really painless to please couples and their family! Some of the types of products involved are, marble tile, vessel bowel sinks and new and faucets designs. These designs consist of profile curves and lines that has the chrome finish the number one choice in finish today!


Can We Tile Over The Existing Tile?

The answer to that question is yes, most of the time! The only time we don’t recommend in doing so is when we see that it would not hold up as a lifetime lasting investment! If we find the condition of the existing is suitable, with some prep to the existing tile and special blend thinset designed for this application, it can be done! When this option is being considered, the question is now what to do about the transition from the higher floor than the hallway? Here we show one of our wood thresholds custom tailored and developed onsite. This is just one option, but its the most popular due to its gradual feel and appearance!