What’s The Average Bathroom Remodel Cost In Cincinnati?

Studies indicate that the average cost for the upscale full-sized/master bath remodels starts at somewhere around $60,000.00. (Source: 2020 Cost vs. Value Publication)

Here listed below are a few considerations in terms of what’s important to you and elements that will determine how much your bathroom remodel will cost.

  • The size of the space, the must go, must-haves, and what can stay if anything.
  • Your max allowances for plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, and tile selections if any.
  • Are you wanting a spa-like retreat or a simple update?
  • Will the floor plan be changed, i.e. moving fixtures and walls, etc., and if so to what extent?
  • Will any of the plumbing be replaced or moved also and if so, how much of it? (If the home is 60 years old or more… most likely all of it.)
  • Does any of the electric wiring need upgraded and if so how much of it?
  • Will the bathroom design include a tub or just a shower? Or will the project involve a stand-alone tub and shower?
  • If the wall materials are being removed and if so how much will be removed? If so, are they plaster of drywall?
  • If the home was built prior to 1978, the lead rule is to be followed. The test will need to be performed to see if there is lead in the painted surfaces or not.
  • What floor of the home the bathroom is located on.
  • How the materials are being disposed of. Are you using a dumpster? Are you setting it out on garbage day? Will your contractor haul it away?
  • The overhead of the company you hire for the project.
  • The level of skill set possessed by the people involved with the design and those that will do the work.
  • Will your contractor take time in the install of design elements i.e. tile, plumbing, etc. with balance. This involves communication with everyone involved in the project.
  • Will your contractor use any dust management equipment during your remodel?
  • Will your contractor use any floor covering materials to protect floors walked on during the remodel? If so, will they remove it at the end of every day during my remodel or will they leave it in the way?
  • Will your contractor be on your project every day, and all day, or do they have other projects going at the same time?
  • The quality of products used in the remodels in terms of finishes, and the products used to apply them.

Is Your Bathroom Remodel Budget Under $30,000.00?

When the budget is lower than $30,000.00 do not be alarmed by what you just read and don’t count your bathroom remodel out. Keep in mind, the size of the existing space to be renovated maybe involve fewer product amounts, and labor amounts than that 30k plus remodel.  Also, the half baths and powder rooms are generally not that involved.

Bathroom Remodeling Savings Ideas