As you get going into the bathroom design process, you will find that there are a myriad of bathroom products on the market to choose from. Here we offer our magnify glass if you will, identifying some product elements in regards to bathroom fixtures, tile, etc. look & functionality.  Our insights have came about over the years. With experiences working with many different designs and application methods, we have seen both what work well and what don’t work so well. We do our best to guide our clients with their vision to produce a very well designed space!

Design Services Outlined 

  • Floor Plans …the overall layout of the space, i.e. shower location and size, etc.
  • Walls …structural & non structural wall removal and or implementations
  • Plumbing …fixture selection & layouts
  • Electrical …fixture selection & layouts
  • Tile Selection & Layout
  • Vanity Selection & Layout
  • Finish Carpentry  …moulding profiles & sizes
  • Paint Color
  • In Depth Info. Here

Here below we have divided the look into bathroom related products into four dedicated links. Enjoy the info.

  1. Faucet, Sink & Vanity Options – Go Here!
  2. Bathroom Tile Selection Tips – Go Here!
  3. Lighting & Exhaust Fan Tips – Go Here!
  4. Shower/Tub Design Tips – Go Here!