Bathroom Receptacles & Switch Design

The receptacles and switch style in your design is a small detail that makes a big impact on a design appearance. Here below are some of the different styles offered. The call out “Decora” is identifiable by the vertical and rectangle center portion of the receptacle or switch. The majority of the receptacles and switches shown here are available in the screwless covers. The standard colors are White, Ivory, and Grey. Designer colors are available for some of the Decora styles.

Standard Receptacle & Switch Style

Standard Receptacle

Standard switch design

Standard Switch

Ground Fault Receptacle.

Decora Receptacle & Switch Style

Standard Decora Outlet

Standard Decora Light Switch

Decora Switch With Night Light

Specialty Switch Styles


PANASONIC – “Condensation Sensor Plus”, bathroom humidity control switch.

DEFIANT – Bathroom exhaust fan timer switch.

LUTRON – “Maestro Digital Countdown Timer” bathroom exhaust fan switch.

Double decora switch used for any lighting configuration.


Timer switch & the Fan/Light Combo in the shower.

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