The Bathroom Design & Estimate Process

Lou Vaughn

Meeting Preparation – What To Expect

Phase One: Our initial meeting is conveniently in your home. It generally lasts 30 to 60 minutes. Here are some details as to what this meeting involves to help you prepare:

  1. Discuss the space as to what you’re wanting to do with the design in terms of layout and finishes. I typically will also share design ideas that add more to your space, i.e. shower functionality, vanity configurations, etc. Often during our discussion, I will check the dimensions of your space, to confirm that we are creating a comfortable flow and functionality.
  2. We will discuss some details as to how I will perform in your home during the project.
  3. We will discuss where I can store your materials and where I can cut materials. The closer I can cut and store materials to the bathroom being remodeled, the quicker I get done and it saves you money. If it’s on the second floor, I typically use the master bedroom or another bedroom.
  4. We will discuss details regarding dust management. Go Here to see some of the equipment we use for dust control.
  5. I will take measurements, photos and a video of the space.

By the conclusion of our initial meeting, I more than likely will be able to give you an idea of the cost involved to complete your project. This “quick quote estimate” will be based on a design concept and the similarities of other projects I have completed. However, sometimes there are questions that come up that will require some research. In either case, I charge $50.00 as a trip charge and this is due at this meeting.

Phase Two: Moving forward with an “itemized estimate”. My estimate process includes an in-depth outline of the design items, materials, and labor. The estimate will consist of itemizations, breaking down the project into sections, i.e. shower faucets, shower tile, vanity, floor tile, etc. Here are a few other details that you may get in your estimate;

  1. Budget cost for your finishes, i.e. tile, faucets, shower glass, etc.
  2. Possibly some photos reflecting design elements
  3. A Possible floor plan drawing

Itemized Estimate Charge – Your itemized estimate will be created from the design concept we discussed. I charge a minimum of $100.00 in addition to the $50.00. Typically, I attach in your estimate images that will reflect design details. The additional $100.00 plus is due upon you receiving your itemized estimate.

Phase 3: The materials selection process. Your project’s final details will come together at the product selection meeting. These meetings are set up by you with my selected team of product and design consultants in their showrooms. I will provide you with their contact information at our initial meeting or just thereafter. Prior to your meeting with them, I will have provided them with images of the current space and a floor plan reflecting any changes that we discussed at our meeting. During your product selections meeting, the design is naturally fine-tuned. I then do a check-over of the design and cost for accuracy.

Once your selections have all been made, I then do a check-over of the design and cost for accuracy. Once the design and cost are confirmed with everyone we move forward with a contract and get your project on the schedule. Generally, I am ready to start when your finish materials are delivered.

Fill out and submit the form below with as much information as you can think of. I will respond to your request within 48 hours generally via email to arrange a time for me to look at the space to be remodeled.

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