Bathroom Remodeling FAQ

Planning, Designing & Remodeling FAQ

Question: What’s the estimate process for my bathroom remodel project?
Answer: It starts with a meeting at the project location to discuss your ideas and a design concept. 


Question: When & why do I hire a bathroom designer?
Answer: In short, we recommend considering a remodeling designer when you are looking to have someone to explore your options for you.


Question: Where can I explore some bathroom remodeling ideas and bathroom design trends?
Answer: One of the first questions we are asked in regards to bathroom design is, what the current trends are and how long will they last. The industry’s rule of thumb is a design trend will last about 10 years. White is timeless in most designs.

White in a bathroom design we feel is the easiest and safest design element to work with. White vanities and white shower tiles open the design to endless options to the wall color to which is the most cost-effective change in any space. White is not only a color that works with everything but it also adds space to space if that makes sense. The key when designing with white is to be careful with the different shade variations. The Kohler brand sinks and toilets, for instance, are not as bright as most other white products.

Question: How do you keep the dust out of my house during a bathroom remodel.
Answer: Visqueen is what we use primarily for containment. Often we place the Build Clean Air Scrubber Unit on the entrance side to the workspace that catches the majority of the dust as it escapes from traveling in and out of that particular door or Visqueen opening. 


Question: If I need permits can you get them?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Are you a Lead-Safe Renovator?
Answer: Yes.


Question: What days and times will you work in my home?
Answer 9-4 Monday thru Friday. If we are invited earlier, we may take you upon it. Often we must take the neighbors into consideration regarding early morning noise.

Question: What areas of Cincinnati do you work in?
Answer: We work in all of The Greater Cincinnati, Ohio communities. These areas do include Northern Kentucky & Southeast Indiana.

Question: Do you do design work as well?
Answer: Yes, as a collaborating team involving product consultants and sometimes certified space designers and of course you and I.

Question: Who will be in my home, doing the work?
Answer: Lou Vaughn does the majority of the work. When subcontractors are needed, for i.e. plumbing work, etc., Lou Vaughn will personally assist these tradesmen while in your home.

Question: Does Lou Vaughn Remodeling require all your subcontractors to have liability insurance and workman’s compensation?
Answer: Yes, all our subcontractors are to provide Lou Vaughn Remodeling a current certificate of both.

Question: What’s the cost difference between a tile shower and a non-tiled shower.
Answer: First, let’s look at the difference between the two from an installation standpoint. It’s like comparing home-made pie crust to store-bought pie crust. The home-made has more work involved than the store-bought.

Note: If you have other questions that are not listed here, please contact us via the email below.