Hall Bathroom Remodeling | Cincinnati, OH

Hall Bathroom Remodeling | Cincinnati, OH

Hall Bathroom Remodel

Features a cultured stone vanity top with an integrated sink for a seamless design look.


Can We Tile Over The Existing Tile?

The answer to that question is yes, most of the time! The only time we don’t recommend in doing so is when we see that it would not hold up as a lifetime lasting investment! If we find the condition of the existing is suitable, with some prep to the existing tile and special blend thinset designed for this application, it can be done! When this option is being considered, the question is now what to do about the transition from the higher floor to the hallway? Here we show one of our wood thresholds custom-tailored and developed onsite. This is just one option, but its the most popular due to its gradual feel and appearance!



Bathroom Designing Tips | Cincinnati, OH

Bathroom Designing Tips | Cincinnati, OH

Our Bathroom designing tips can help your planning & remodeling project turn out just the way you want it! Thank You for stopping by and we look to do our best to help our customers with this process!

Though your bathroom space may be similar to others, the little differences can open for different design ideas! We will add more tips as time allows! Thank You and please sign up to our blog to receive email notifications of when our New Bathroom Remodeling is here submitted! Enjoy!

  • We are removing bathtubs today for the accommodation of a very comfortable shower size! This opens the width up to be around 60″. The standard size and comfortable depth are a minimal of  36″ from the back wall to the shower door and glass! Often this involves moving a toilet a little away from the shower to accommodate the minimal of 36″
  • When working with design space for your toilet placement, the center measurement of the toilet to bathtub, vanity or wall must be at least 15 inches! Total space is a minimal of 30 inches!

Shower Design Considerations To Consider

  • Shampoo & soap niches should be as far away from the showerhead as possible. When the design dynamics dictate the location being near the showerhead area, keep the niche as high as possible! This approach is to keep your soaps fresh!

Curbless Accessible Shower Remodeling Design

Curbless Accessible Shower Remodeling Design

Introducing the timeless shower design by Lou Vaughn Remodeling! Shower functions include:

  1. Recessed Shaving Niche
  2. Recessed Shampoo & Soap Combination Niche
  3. Individually Controlled Handheld & Typical Shower Heads
  4. Accessible Grab Bar
  5. Curbless Shower Floor!
  6. No Structural Changes Required – In Most Cases


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Curbless Shower Video Demonstrates Working Shower Faucet & Drainage .

Handicap Accessible Shower Design

Handicap Accessible Shower Design

Here we focus on the most important element of an Handicap Accessible Shower Design, the no threshold curb! ClearPath by FinPan works wonderfully for our clients when the no step over curb is desired! From an install standpoint they simply like the facts that the drain does not need to be at the entrance and the joist do not need to be cut. Here we have the ClearPath Video, showing how the system is installed.

The Handicap Accessible Shower System That Works!

ClearPath Website Go Here!
Curbless Shower Images Go Here