Cincinnati Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Lou Vaughn

An image of Cincinnati bathroom remodeling contractor Lou Vaughn.Hi, owner-operator Lou Vaughn here! As of November 2020, I celebrate 24 years in business for myself in the new home construction & remodeling industries! In 2010, I decided to dedicate all of my business efforts to, “The Kitchen & Bath Industry”, my first career love!

How it all started! My interest in carpentry, project design, home construction, and remodeling has been a core part of me since my pre-teen years. As a kid, out of my backyard, I explored many custom homes in the Palisades development. My introduction to the real world of the work industry started in 1981 at the age of fourteen! My summer breaks were consumed by the mandatory 40 hours a week as a carpenters helper involving facility maintenance, house remodeling, and many different construction projects at The Bob Hope House. At this facility, I was mentored in an “old school tradition”, emphasizing perfection and pride. At seventeen, I sought to further refine my trade and earned a certification in carpentry from Diamond Oaks Vocational School. College was an option, however, right out of trade school I was introduced to and worked for several exceptionally talented home building craftsmen. Exposure to a variety of projects from rough framing to kitchen and bath renovations and assisting master remodelers gave me a comprehensive understanding of the industry. In 1989, I was invited to join “Esquire Kitchen Specialist”, a team responsible for staging a kitchen remodel booth at the Cincinnati Home & Garden Show®, an event well-known for showcasing the latest in home interiors and innovations. Since then, I have enjoyed several opportunities to participate in these events!

When I started Vaughn Construction, LLC in 1996, my focus was subcontracting from builders, framing custom & production homes that included all of the interior carpentry as well. With my determination at one point, I worked 3 months without taking a day off, framing homes alone some of the weekends, and often building decks higher than 10 feet off the ground solo! In a short time, my responsibilities seem to grow well beyond those of a “typical” subcontractor and taking concepts to design, leading and managing unique crews, procuring materials, and managing projects where added expectations of the “Carpenter”. Due to possessing these new roles, I discovered that working directly with customers is what I enjoyed most. This gave birth to the idea to work directly with the public, shutting the doors to the subcontracting of the home building business to opening the door to the general contracting remodeling business in 2001. The new business started with small interior carpentry projects. Not long into the new business, we started doing some charity work. Due to this as it seemed, I started landing full kitchen and bath additions and remodels. By 2007 we were into a 1000 square foot room addition that was completed in Montgomery Ohio. In 2010 The business name was changed from Vaughn Construction LLC to Lou Vaughn Remodeling. With the name change, my focus has been and will remain primarily just Kitchen & Bath projects. I simply now really enjoy the focus on the two types of home improvements. It really makes a lot of sense due to the fact these two areas of the home are used the most. So, therefore, there’s a necessity for the cared for and perfected install with all trade specialties and steps of the construction process involved.

Residential remodeling is creative, exciting, and I really enjoy helping people make their home a place that they are happy in.
As your remodeler and authority in the industry, you can count on me and my team, to be honest, prompt, courteous, and clean.

Lou Vaughn

To our valued customers,

Outstanding ethics, value, and experience are what I feel it takes to have a remodeling project go smoothly. My approach is to provide attention to detail, provide great customer service, and a professional group of remodeling design & trade consultants, working together to create the idea & finish the project to excellent quality standards!

Lou Vaughn Remodeling has established a Clientele base by measuring up by way of hard work ethic. Our Clientele has reached out for our remodeling services for two decades now! Please take a look at what some have had to say about their experiences with Vaughn Construction, LLC & Lou Vaughn Remodeling Teams.

Lou Vaughn