Hall Bath Design & Remodel - Cincinnati, OhioThis bathroom design was introduced to Lou Vaughn by clients, Mr. & Mrs. Evans! At my consult visit, Mr. Evans informed me that he and his wife had developed the design together, explains owner Lou Vaughn. They studied designs and bathroom products via Houzz and other local retail resources! “I was hooked”, explains Lou Vaughn, hooked to working with them as a result of their efforts! The clients bathroom products & design study efforts made the project really easy for us at Lou Vaughn Remodeling! I personally enjoy when the client comes to us with their design! The outcome is always great! I critique and add to the design, at little to no cost, passing savings unto the client. This approach really makes the client comfortable knowing that they will save the cost of a design fee… not to mention the great feeling of personal design achievement and having the green light to express to everyone that sees the awesome results, “we designed it”! I’m not knocking designers, says Lou Vaughn, or those who choose to use them. They are very much needed in our industry for many reasons and we would not be where we are today without them! I just have alot of fun installing these projects and experiencing the joy as a result of the clients involvement!

The Before Look!

Bathroom-Before-Fort-ThomasIf considering on developing your own design but your not sure where to start, there are many great ideas at Houzz.com and or Lou’s Bathroom Projects. Please do not hesitate to call or email Lou for any questions. lou@louvaughnremodeling.com – 513-921-9229