This Mt. Lookout kitchen was tailored for what the client always wanted in a kitchen. Some key elements are; the electronic microwave drawer, the stainless steel chimney exhaust hood, and the farm sink. This kitchen design may look relatively simple, however, there were several footprint limitations that caused the need for exploring several ideas during the planning and designing stage. The issues were short wall dimensions combined with the configuration restraints of the doors & windows. After several design concepts were explored, we came to this design and it meets the needs of the client.

Project Specs

  • Cooktop/Stove – This extraordinary configuration is a gas cooktop with an electric wall oven.
  • Cabinetry – Manufacture -Diamond | Door Style – Laureldale | Finish – Coconut Amaretto
  • Flooring – Bella Cera Zurich Hickory Padua
  • Designers – 2 outsourced, homeowner & Lou Vaughn

Video of project 95 percent completed


During Remodel Photos