Option #1 – Specialty Designers – There are over 200 or designers in the Greater Cincinnati area. The cost for an interior decorator, or a kitchen or a bathroom designer starts at around $500.00 and can often reach $2,000.00 or more. Should you choose to use a designer, please consult with them for their pricing policy.              

  • Pros: They can help prevent the need for you to travel from showroom to showroom. They can (most of the time) bring the design time to a close very quickly.    
  • Cons: There is the upfront fee and final cost to just the designing of your space. Keep in mind, you have the option to hire a designer for any particular aspect of a project. For instance, you may feel most comfortable having a kitchen cabinet layout designer to perform this element of the project. You could combine this approach with the following.

Option #2 – Local Showroom/Design Consultants – The Greater Cincinnati area has several  home remodeling product showrooms and on the floor staff. The majority of the staff are very knowledgeable in various products and can provide great insight as to what to guide you on. The three showroom types generally used for Bathroom Remodeling are one for tile selections, one for the plumbing fixture selections and one for the quartz, granite or marble selections. For Kitchen Remodeling there is also the cabinet showroom to visit and we have a couple that we suggest due to the free kitchen design layout services they provide. The only cost here is your time and gas money. This is our most acquainted method when working with or customers. We have had much success with this approach and very happy clients! The feedback is that I have received from my clients with this approach is that they get to feel like they designed it…with our help! When hiring a designer, its the other way around.

NOTE: With any of the 2 approaches, I offer my input at any point of the design process. This includes one initial free consult at the address of the project and free communication via text or emailing platforms. I do trust your commitment to use Lou Vaughn Remodeling for the project. 

The plan and design process can be different from one project type to another and particular according to your needs. Any questions you have can be emailed to Lou Vaughn.

Thank You & Happy Planning & Designing!