Coronavirus (COVID-19) Saftey Protocol

 **** We want to work around you as safe as we can. ****

Project Planning & Designing – The Process

  1. Send pics and or a video of the space you are wanting to remodel via email or text. Please include the space that the materials can be stored. Preferably as close to the project as possible. If the bathroom is on the 2nd floor I generally use a bedroom to make cuts in. So please show that space as well. Send me any information as to what you would like to change and any design ideas that you are thinking of.  | email: | Text: 513-921-9229.

During The Remodel Protocol

  • Are there any precautions you would like us to take before coming to your home each day?
  • Is anyone sick in your home?
  • Lou Vaughn Remodeling is adhering to the CDC States Orders, while permitted to work, including but not limited to washing hands and practicing safe social distances.
  • Please keep 10’ of separation when possible.

To Protect you and Lou:

  • If possible, please sanitize the bathroom or work areas PRIOR to our arrival.
  • Do not enter the bathroom while the installation is taking place.
  • Do not touch Lou’s tools.