Remodel Consultation

Lou Vaughn

Thank you for your interest in my free bathroom remodel consultation and or a kitchen remodel consultation. My free consultation includes my onsite visit to discuss your design ideas over the space. During and proceeding this meeting I will share design advice.

Paid services include:

  • Space Measuring
  • Itemized Estimate
  • Design Assistance
  • Installation Services
  • Open Line Of Communication

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Projects That I Don’t Offer Free Consultations Or Any Paid Services Are:

  1. Remodeling For Re-sale: Your listing agents may have a list of contractors that they prefer to work with.
  2. Condo Projects: Your building’s management company is generally the folk that helps with this. He or she may have some contractors that they are familiar with.
  3. Insurance Claims: There are contractors that specialize in insurance work. Your claims adjuster generally has a list of them. 
  4. Projects Involving: designers and tradesmen other than those that I currently work with.
  5. Consultation or Estimations: for the purpose of decision making in purchasing the home.

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Lead Rule

Homes Built Prior To 1978 may have lead-based painted surfaces. Outside of “exclusions to the rule” defined by the EPA, any painted surfaces that may be disturbed from a proposed renovation must be tested for lead by a certified lead rule renovator. If the rule is required for compliance, then there are some particular safety guidelines in regards to the removal of lead-based painted surfaces. We do offer to perform a test for a minimal charge of $150.00. The hiring of Lou Vaughn for the test performed is strictly for the purpose of hiring us for your renovation. This testing will be done after the estimate. Please Go Here for more information pertaining to when the rule applies and compliance is required and what the rule states for exclusion.