Union Township Master Bathroom Remodel With Curbless Shower Feature

This bathroom with the Curbless Shower Design was created by the client, an outsourced tile selection guide, and Lou Vaughn. This project was remodeled by Lou Vaughn. The design concept included the client’s need for functionality and flow.

Design Details

  • The height placement of the wall tile stripe design was dictated by homeowners at the time of install.
  • The lady’s shaving niche was placed according to her spec.
  • The grab bar was positioned for her safety as she shaves.
  • The main shower head control valve was carefully positioned just inside the shower door. By swinging the door out, our customers can simply reach in and turn the shower on without one drop of water landing on them!
  • The glass shower walls and door are 1/2″ thick and tempered! Initially, an open shower concept was the idea but changed to the enclosure for cost-effectiveness. When considering the open shower concept, additional heating is suggested due to drafts. The heating of the floor is beneficial to either idea.
  • Baseboard accent stripe
  • Balance Balance Balance! Time is taken to strategically position shower valves, walls, niches, glass walls, etc. to develop a balanced /even /centered look, for an added comfort to the eye.

 Customer Review

“My husband and I found Lou Vaughn through Houzz and together designed this bathroom with a curbless shower. Lou was so knowledgeable and pleasant to work with the 6 weeks it took to complete the project. It has been one year since completion and we are still very pleased with the outcome. We highly recommend Lou for any home remodeling projects”. (Source – Houzz)

John S.
Union Township Kentucky








Working Curbless Shower Video