This info is simply of how we started in the home construction and remodeling business. Today, we only take on bathroom and kitchen remodels and other interior projects at times i.e crown moulding installs. However, my son Jay Vaughn operator owner of “Handyman Cares” does offer many home improvements services.

November 1996 was the year I set out on my own as Vaughn Construction LLC. Prior to August of 2001, I subcontracted from custom & production builders, leading my crew in framing homes, installing interior trim & kitchen cabinets and deck builds. In 2001, I closed all accounts with the builders. My focus shifted to building a 1000 sq. ft. room addition, several custom decks, and many different types of home remodeling projects. Since 2010, my focus has been primarily in kitchen & bath remodeling.

Here below are links to some of the projects I did DBA Vaughn Construction LLC. Enjoy the history below. I recently removed my deck build and basement finish portfolio from this site. If you are interested in any of those projects, please refer to my FB page.


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